How to Earn PalmPoints And Save Money On PalmPay App

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A while ago, I signed up on Palmpay via an invitation code and my account was instantly credited with three hundred PalmPoints. Ever since then, I am yet to come across an app that offers so much freebies. In fact, you can earn some extra money on the Palmpay app. This article will show you how.

Ever came across the Palmpay App?

PalmPay is an E-services app that rewards users for every transaction done using the platform. These transactions include, sending and receiving funds, paying your utility bill, buying airtime and more. For each successful transaction, you earn a rewards in form of PalmPoints. You can then use the PalmPoints as a discount and pay less for your subsequent transactions.

Palmpay is similar to other fintech platforms such as OPay, KudaBank, V-bank and the likes – These platforms help you save, transfer, borrow and pay bills. The platform is fast, a hundred percent reliable and makes use of secure payment systems. Lest I forget, you are very likely never to run into any trouble during a transaction, but in case this happens, Palmpay has a superb support service that responds on the dial.

PalmPay, why the much buzz?

Palmpay gained popularity a few years ago when the platform raised $40 Million to become Africa’s largest financial services platform. With their massive rewards and stern reliability, the platform’s popularity ballooned and has been waxing stronger ever since.

The Palmpay app offers rewards for virtually everything, be it transactions, referrals, downloading the app and any other business on the app. Have you ever visited a bank and after offering you a service, the bank still pays you a token? Palmpay does just that. You will be paid a token for every service offered to you.

The PalmPay app is free to download

Palmpay app is free to download, install, sign up and use. You can transfer money to other PalmPay wallets for free and transfer to bank accounts for just ₦10. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND DOWNLOAD THE APP

How to Make (and save) Money From Palmpay App?

There are diverse ways you can make money and save money on the PalmPay app.


The first and best option to make money while using Palmpay app is to join their PalmForce program. It’s free. PalmForce is PalmPay’s Super Referral program for everyone. It is basically PalmPay’s rewards programme for customers who invite others to the platform on a regular basis. You earn rewards for inviting new customers and cashback on your transactions!

  1. Earn N200 cash for each friend you invite
  2. Earn cash back on the transactions of people you invite
  3. The more you refer and the more of your downlines are active each month, the more you earn.

Bonus on Airtime:

You get a 10% bonus in the form of PalmPoints when you buy airtime. Use your PalmPoints and save up to 50% on future and airtime and biller purchases.

Bonus on Bill Payment:

You get a 5% bonus in the form of PalmPoints when you pay for a bill through Palpoints. These bills include your water, cable or electricity bills.

Bonus on Top Ups:

You earn 100 naira (100 PalmPoints) bonus when you top up your Palmpay wallet with 1000 naira. This bonus is given once a week.

Invite and Earn:

You would earn ₦300 each time someone signs up on PalmPay with your referrer code and they carry out their first transaction. Your friends will also benefit. They would get 75 points after registering with your referral code and another 75 points after they carry out a transaction.

How to invite friends and earn 300 PalmPoints on PalmPay

Navigate to your Menu, you would see Transaction history, Profile, Contacts etc.
Click on Invitation to see your invitation code in form QR code, URL and code.

Share your invitation code via social media or directly with friends and family. You will both be rewarded with PalmPoints when they register with your code or via your link.

NB: Bonus PalmPoints will only be given if you sign up using the invitation code.
You can click here to register for free.

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