15 Best Hashtag Tools That Can Help Boost Your Content Reach

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Many marketers often underrate the importance of using hashtags to drive their campaigns.

But, rarely will you see an infographic, a photo, and any form of digital content published without an accompanying hashtag.

Brands, marketers, and content creators who understand the effectiveness of using hashtags have over time mastered the art of leveraging this important marketing tool.

But what really are hashtags?

Hashtags have been in existence for quite a long time. But, using the hashtag as a way to find posts about a common topic began with this tweet as far back as 2007.

The first tweet that used the hashtag

This suggests that people began by using hashtags to create groups on Twitter.

From there, the hashtag grew momentum becoming not just a social media staple, but an important internet metric.

Hashtags significantly boost your chances of reaching more people.

Though its use is tied to certain algorithmic rules that should be stringently followed to get the desired results.

For instance; To maximize your potential reach, You must know which hashtags to use for which posts. You also need to know the maximum number to use to avoid looking spammy.

Using more than six hashtags on Instagram has been found to rather decrease engagement — instead of maximizing it.

So, how can one effectively use the hashtag tool to boost their campaigns?

Using hashtag generators

Using hashtags is an art, and there are many rules guiding the use of hashtags to boost marketing campaigns and maximize reach.

But, one of the most straightforward methods is the use of hashtag generating tools.

Hashtag generators are specially designed tools that can help you research and find appropriate hashtags to use on a post.

How do hashtag generators work?

Classified based on an algorithm, there are two main types of hashtag generating tools.

  1. The ones you manually input a keyword, location, or “tag word” and the tools help you find the most popular hashtags.
  2. The ones you upload a link or image and the algorithm suggests hashtags based on what it interprets.
    Why you should use hashtag generators to research hashtags

Reduces workload and saves time

Using hashtag generators can help reduce your workload and save you a great deal of time — especially if you are a solo entrepreneur. You don’t need to brainstorm or surf the web for hours and over what hashtags to use.

You can find trending topics with the click of a button

Using hashtag generating tools helps bring you up to speed with the latest, trending, and most used keywords. You can use these keywords to create relevant value-adding content to help drive your marketing campaigns.

Hashtag generators help you manage your hashtags

If you visit social media platforms like Twitter, You will find trending hashtags with thousands of contributions to the conversation.

As much as you might be tempted to use them, it’s best to incorporate only hashtags that relate to your business niche.

By using random trending hashtags alone, you stand a risk of limited visibility in highly competitive topics.

How exactly do hashtag generators help?

As explained in the introductory part of this post, hashtag generating tools are designed to help find high engagement hashtags specific to a keyword.

With these tools, you can also research keywords your competitors are using, as well as find and join discussions relating to your business or campaign.

You can reach a wider and targeted audience

Finding and using relevant hashtags on your content will help you reach a wider audience. But that’s not all, you also stand a chance of reaching a specific audience who are genuinely interested in what you are offering.

In essence, you can generate sales and drive massive leads by simply finding a trending hashtag, creating valuable content relating to it, and keying into the conversation.

Below, I have listed some top hashtag generating tools you should try out.

1: HashtagsForLikes

2: Kicksta

3: Ingramer

4: HashMaster

5. Tailwind

6: BigBangram

7: All Hashtag

8: Instavast

9: Webstagram

10: Photerloo

11: Seekmetrics

12: TagsFinder

13: TagMentor

14: Hashatit

15: Display Purposes

Bonus Tool #1: SISTRIX

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