10 Free Business Automation Tools You Need As A Solo Entrepreneur

Business tools for solo entrepreneurs
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If you are a solo entrepreneur, then you’d be needing these tools.

Starting a new business could be an onerous task — especially without the support of staff and the needed chunk of capital to fire things up on a grand scale.

Due to capital constraints, most entrepreneurs would start-off solo — working all round as; a lawyer, the accountant, the sales manager, and what-not. And this can be so burdensome.

Fortunately, there are now hundreds of business tools you can use to make managing your business easy as pie.

Here, I have listed a few resources you might want to explore.

Administrative Resources


One of the most precious assets of solo entrepreneurs is “time”. Thus, achieving set objectives goes beyond just working round the clock — proper scheduling and time management are also highly important. And that’s why every entrepreneur needs practical scheduling tools like Calendly.

This time-management asset manages the back and forth waste of time that is common when trying to tie down meetings in a busy world. With Calendly, professionals interested in setting up a meeting can view availability, then schedule a free time based on a schedule that automatically updates in real-time.


The Dropbox file management tool currently boasts of over 500 million users worldwide. With Dropbox, you can safely and easily store important files in the cloud — and retrieve them whenever needed.


Does every business owner require the services of a lawyer? Not really. Attorneys are damn expensive — such that many solo entrepreneurs can barely afford to their services. But, some crucial business operations require the necessity for binding legal agreements.

The “Shake” business tool can be used to create crucial legal paper works such as; on-the-spot contracts for loans, non-disclosure agreements, and contractor or freelance forms. Shake saves time, effort, and money as business owners no longer need to have unnecessary meetings with attorneys over typical legal agreements that don’t require special legal oversight.


For a while now, Zoom has been the closest alternative to person-to-person meetings, and in the wake of the recent global health crises, the apps use spiked a threefold. With Zoom, you don’t need to worry anymore about the long stressful hours you’d waste commuting. You don’t have to worry about being exposed to viruses.

Whether you need to set up a training session with employees, a sales meeting, a marketing event, or a webinar, Zoom delivers an affordable solution.

Marketing Resources


WiseIntro provides a free solution for entrepreneurs to create a professionally built online presence to capture leads and promote business. Given that solo entrepreneurs are not always able to afford the high fees graphic artists charge, WiseIntro provides readymade feasible and scalable design solutions that will also enable business owners to add paid features if needed in the future.


Building email lists is one of the most cost-effective ways of maintaining a relationship with your customers and following up on leads. Want to ask for your customers’ email address? Sleeknote is the most polite way you can accomplish this. The app is user-friendly with assurances not to ‘turn off’ future paying customers. If you are a solo entrepreneur looking to capture lead information on your website without interfering in the browsing experience, Sleeknote is your sure bet.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Are you looking for a tool to help you keep in touch with your customers via emails, web chat, landing pages, and social media channels all on one page? HubSpot is your go-to app. Notably, HubSpot has earned up to 4.5 stars out of 5 in reviews. And considering that HubSpot provides a comprehensive resource targeted at managing content marketing, automation, analytics, social media, and testing efforts, it is easy to understand why 97% of users recommended it.


As a pioneer in the email industry since 2001, Mailchimp has provided solopreneurs with a unique opportunity to create and manage mailing lists. This marketing resource also makes use of custom models to create eye-catching designs. For analytical purposes, timely performance reports provide company owners with the details required to efficiently monitor email and newsletter campaigns.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers highly enticing graphics for social media users who frequent on popular social platforms. Its templates are specially designed to increase customer response and possibly double up marketing leads. This service is free. Additionally, Adobe Spark can be used by amateurs to make high-quality visuals that can compete favorably with the big sharks in the industry.

Financial Resources

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is an online bookkeeping tool that offers highly professional basic services which are similar to the services of an accounting staff.

For a small monthly fee from about $12.50 to $75 a month, depending on the services required, solo entrepreneurs can utilize this extensive bookkeeping tool. Logging expenses and keeping up with receipts has never been so easy. As if that’s not enough, QuickBooks Online also invoices clients and transfers money between your bank accounts as needed at no additional cost.


Every business needs to employ state of the art cash flow management practices to keep track of its numbers. And in terms of improving operational efficiencies, FreshBooks makes the difference. With FreshBooks, Solopreneurs can monitor expenditures in real-time from their mobile device or PC.

FreshBooks is a practical and versatile financial tool compatible with PCs, Android, and iOS devices.


Square has recently gained a great deal of buzz from both solo entrepreneurs and managers. Restaurants and retailers rave about how this payment processor makes doing business a lot easier. Square has further sealed its place in the payment processing industry by charging no monthly fee and not having any nominal requirements.


In the online credit card processing industry, Paypal is indeed a giant to reckon with. Amongst the many attractions of PayPal that solo entrepreneurs value includes; its ease of use, no requirements for a contract, and absolutely zero termination fees.

PayPal ensures that merchant funds are made available immediately upon receipt, thereby eliminating the ‘wait time’ and enhancing cash flow. For businesses that need to process a large amount of low-ticket transactions at a reasonable rate, PayPal is strongly recommended.

Final Notes

With recent technological breakthroughs, smart working has become the new normal. You don’t have to work eighteen hours a day anymore. There are hundreds of tools specially designed to make work easier — and the aforementioned tools are only but a few out of a multitude. All that is left for solopreneurs is to learn how to effectively utilize these tools and manage resources to increase productive output.

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