NIMC Mobile Identity App Retrieves And Verifies IDs At The Click Of A Button

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Are you an entrepreneur, a startup CEO or an organization who is having difficulty in verifying the Identity of clients?

Have you ever been flagged on the road and asked to provide a driver’s ID only to realize that you forgot your wallet back home?

Whatever the situation, don’t go panicky. Electronic IDs are poised to take over plastic cards soon, and with your mobile device, you can retrieve your ID card or verify the Identity of a client in just a couple of minutes.

A few years ago, I got turned down at a job interview. I had travelled over 300 miles by road, and was overly prepared for the screening and examination. However, I was to receive the shock of my life at the point of entry when the Porter asked for a valid ID card and I searched my pockets and couldn’t find my wallet. All attempts at appealing that I be admitted in fell on deaf ears as the security guard at the entrance didn’t budge.

It can be really frustrating how something as minute as a proof of ID can completely make a hash of so many hours of hard work and preparation. Trust me, I have been there and I know exactly how it feels.

But that’s a common occurrence here in a developing country like Nigeria which is yet to have a central database that is easily accessible and captures all of her citizens.

In a world where identity theft is becoming a fast growing crime, organizations are becoming more uptight and taking extra care not to get conned. Fraudsters can steal personal information such as your name, drivers licence number, and data of birth to impersonate or gain other benefits.

Identification is a key part of life, and whether you are at home, out on the road, or you just need to do a business transaction, having some form of ID on you is highly important.

Fortunately, with the new personal identity mobile services App, many of the identity hassles we face daily can be eliminated. The app is developed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

If you have misplaced your Identity Card, or simply forgot your wallet, you can still retrieve your electronic Identity Card on your mobile phone at the click of a button.

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The NIMC personal identity mobile services app can be used to perform the following functions and more;

  • Retrieve your national Identity Card
  • Verify a national Identity number (NIN), and
  • Scan to prove the authenticity of a plastic ID card

Also, you can use the NIMC personal Identity mobile services app to retrieve your;

  • Drivers License Number (DLN)
  • Voters Identity Number (VIN), and
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • National Passport Book Number (PPN), and
  • Tax Identity Number (TIN)

Features you’d love about the app

Simple to use

In fact, you only require your full National Identification Number (NIN), your Mobile Number and a PIN to protect the app.


You and only YOU decide what information you wish to share for verification. You need to present an ID that does not require your age or Nationality? No problem, we have you covered.

Highly encrypted and secure

Your data is encrypted at all times. You will ALWAYS know who verified you, right within the app and you can lock it down with your biometrics, if the Smart phone supports it.

How to retrieve your national Identity Card

Follow these simple steps to perform any of the above listed functions using the NIMC personal Identity mobile services app.

Firstly, download the app

Click here to download the app or simply search ‘NIMC app‘ on the Google Play Store.

Next, set up your profile

Click to open the app and carefully read through the introductory information before you BEGIN.

Now, enter your National Identification Number (NIN)

Your NIN number is exactly 11 digits and is not on the ID card but on the NIN slip issued by NIMC.

Also, input the mobile number registered when you were issued your NIN.

(If you do not remember your NIN, simply dial *346# (Nigerian sims only)).

Click on NEXT.

Tick ‘I AGREE‘ on the attestation form that pops up.

Wait a while.

Choose a PIN you can easily remember and FINISH.

Congratulations on successfully setting up your profile. You will see a full display of the dashboard as in the figure below.

Now, you can proceed to download and print your E-Card on plastic or paper as you so desire.

You can also perform other functions on the app such as;

View your NIMC ID card

Verify a NIN

Verify a plastic ID card, and

Retrieve your DLN, VIN, BVN, PPN, and TIN

Ubiquity verification service

Ubiquity is the paid-for service that is specially designed for individuals, businesses and corporations that may need to verify the credentials of their employees, customers or potential partners.

The service has many options or plans you can choose from depending on your personal or business needs.

Once verified by the NIMC, you may log into the Portal using your user ID and an OTP from within the mobile app, and print out the verification slip associated with that transaction

More Features Coming Soon

NIMC is also collaborating with other MDA’s like the FRSC, NHIS, INEC, NIS and the likes to provide quick access to other forms of e-Identity information in the future, such as;

  • Driver’s License, FRSC
  • Tax Clearance Certificate, FIRS
  • Health Insurance Card, NHIS
  • Digital Voter’s Card, INEC
  • Departure Card, NIS

Ever made use of this advanced mobile identity app? Please share your experience by leaving us a comment.

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