Harvard University Is Offering 67 Courses Online For Free

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Are you bored stiff or going bonkers in self-isolation? That could be because you have been idling away. Of course, it is OK to do nothing for a day or two as it can help you cultivate new insights, inventions or melodies. But as much as you might want to spend half a day lying lazily in bed or playing interactive games to let time slide, it’s good to take a few hours to learn a new skill and expand your knowledge.

For anyone interested in learning online, there are multiple online training options; including those offered by Harvard University.

Harvard University, a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is offering 67 free online courses for those who want to expand their knowledge and master new skills during self-quarantine.

The courses range in duration from a week to 15 weeks, with subjects that include programming, health, and medicine, social sciences, computer science, art and design, business and humanities.

Those interested in applying can simply visit the university’s website and view the catalog at online-learning.harvard.edu.

Although the classes are free, they require commitment from online students. Once you choose a subject, a list of programs will appear as options, with duration, time commitment, pace and difficulty level specified.

After choosing a course, an application form must be filled out to get access to the course material.

Note also that though the courses are free, to obtain a formal certificate issued by the university, you must pay between USD 49 and USD 149, approximately, depending on the course in question.

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