Tracking Of Shipments: DHL Tracking, USPS Tracking

Running a business can be nerve-racking — especially the type that routinely ships products, documents and people from one place to the other. In the early days of e-commerce, customers booked shipments, received an estimated delivery date and then were left in the dark. But with the advent of tracking and tracing technologies, the shipping process has been made user-friendlier. Today, web and software advances offer 24/7 access to delivery and monitoring services for both business owners and Customers.

In this post, I’ld be sharing some useful information on how to track your shipment using top tracking companies, how to find and use a tracking number, as well as why it is important to track your shipment.

But first, let’s start from the basics. What’s ‘tracking and tracing’, or rather ‘track and trace technologies’?

Track and Trace

Tracing is a process in the transportation or distribution system in which the items being transported are being tracked according to their location, i.e. before, present and next. In the appropriation and logistics of numerous types of items, tracking concerns a procedure for deciding a parcel’s present and past location and other information.

Firms rely heavily on location tracking technology that is suitable for better inventory management or for vehicle fleets. Knowing the exact location of each item at all times helps control the supply chain, secures the assets in transit, and saves the company money. Companies such as retailers need to consider how inventories can be tracked across large areas, either through countries or governments and in small areas, for example, between warehouses or shops.

If you run a business that needs to ship products from point A to point B, locally and internationally, integrating order tracking is essential in the smooth running of your business. Relaying real-time information regarding the status of customer’s orders can improve their experience immensely. However, many firms are yet to consider tracking as an important aspect in running their e-commerce or courier business.

International shipping carriers like DHL Express and USPS tracking have developed tools to assist you in integrating and relaying accurate tracking information to your customers. With the help of their end-to-end tracking system, one can easily check the status of the packages they shipped. DHL and USPS Tracking both assign tracking numbers to each parcel which makes it easy for customers to check the status of their shipment at any point in time.

Customers, especially first-time customers who placed an order of your products, may get overtly anxious about the status of their orders and would want to know when it would be delivered. Giving them the ability to track orders placed on your store by themselves helps reassure them and alleviate their anxiety. This can also help reduce the number of canceled orders, as anxious customers if left in the dark may regret placing the order and request refunds. Additionally, giving customers access to tracking information will help seal some logistical lapses, identify any flaws in the delivery process and easily locate missing items. This improves efficiency in the delivery process and saves a great deal of time.

In addition, the number of monitored customers on order completion will boost confidence in the brand and help to ease the anxiety of the buyer. Customers who are worried about their orders are more likely to cancel their orders than customers who can keep track of their ordered products.

What is the DHL tracking number?

DHL Shipment Tracking is an object tracking service available for most of DHL’s delivery options. Like every other shipment, it is extremely important for DHL Express customers to track their package. And the company isn’t sparing any effort to give their customers the worthwhile experience. As a DHL Express customer, you receive a Shipment ID or tracking number when you deliver a package using one of DHL’s several shipping options. Using this tracking number you can view the location of your parcel, its waypoint, the estimated delivery date, as well as information regarding delays or issues in the DHL Express completion program.

To know the status of your eCommerce shipments, you, like every DHL Express customer, can use the DHL Tracking page. The use of tracking data is free of additional costs since this feature is included in the shipping rates to DHL Express.

What is the USPS tracking number?

The USPS Tracking Service offers end to end shipment tracking and is available in the case of most domestic mails that are large enough and addressed to domestic locations including Limited Army Post Offices (APOs), Fleet Post Offices (FP Offices) and diplomatic post offices (DPOs).

Entering the tracking number of the mailpiece in the USPS tracking page will give you the current status of the package as well as other vital information about the shipment. Such information includes, where applicable, information concerning the delivery and/or the attempted delivery, including the date and time of delivery, and the location of the package (mailbox, reception desk, neighbor, etc.). On goods that include the USPS Tracking feature, no additional costs are incurred. In general, when you pay the postage for the package, tracking is included, except of course when you use the USPS Marketing Mail service. In addition to the commercial mailing program, USPS Tracking requires payment of a premium.

What does my DHL Tracking Number look like and where to find it?

In certain cases, it’s important to understand what a DHL Tracking Number looks like. When the plugin tells DHL that a shipment is scheduled, a DHL tracking ID and an Archive Air Waybill are produced using one of the several DHL Express shipping options.

A ten-digit Waybill Number, (for example, 4123567890) is produced and represents the primary identifier for the shipment (which may contain more than item).

Usually, a thirteen-digit number starting with JD, or JJD, is used to identify individual items with a primary shipment (see this number, for example, JJD1234567890123). This number defines a portion of a shipment.

So, for example, when you order a three-piece package, you will have a 10-digit number for the entire shipment and a three-set of 13 digit number for each of the items contained in the primary shipment.

If you place an order on a DHL Express services online shop, the tracking number or ID is given. You may obtain this information by e-mail confirmation, or by notification of delivery. These typically include the number or ID to be registered. DHL Express will also send an extra SMS with a connection to track the shipment delivery status on the day of delivery. Receipt of DHL tracking numbers or IDs in an online store depends on the type of service that is used to ship it with DHL Express. The DHL tracking number/identification number can also be used on shipping labels that are placed on shipments sent by DHL Express.

What does my USPS Tracking Number look like and where to find it?

What a tracking number of the USPS service looks like is important to know. The following are the reference USPS tracking numbers for the different international USPS logistics services.

USPS tracking number

The tracker number can be used in a number of places to track the shipments. If you have used the program to buy postage and delivery, you can access the tracking numbers from your USPS account. Tracking numbers can be easily identified on the USPS mailing receipts. They are boldly inscribed under the barcode on the shipping label.

How to check the status of your DHL Express Shipment using DHL tracking numbers?

You can check your completion status on one of the three official DHL pages once the shipment is put through Dhl Express systems and you have your tracking numbers or tracking ID.

The oldest and most famous ones are; – On entering tracking IDs on the app, tracking information will be displayed in several languages, such as English, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish. — Tracking data and sender-recipient-declared interest information can be found on the website. The page also displays valuable parcel details together with item tracking–This platform is primarily used for monitoring shipments sent from or to Asia. This provides information monitoring in several Asian languages such as English, Malaysian and Vietnamese.

The DHL Express web portal also provides access to tracking information. By using the tracking website to effectively manage your shipment, You can determine the shipping status, track parcels and analyze shipping rates. You will be provided with a detailed timeline of the paths and milestones the shipment has reached when you input your Waybill or tracking ID.

DHL Express shipments tracking alternatives:

DHL Express Tracking Tools furnish you you with the most recent shipment in real-time directly on your PC, mobile phone or portable device. All DHL customers can use them, whether they have booked or scheduled the shipments.

DHL eTrack: DHL eTrack monitors at all times up to 50 express shipments and operates on any Mac, mobile phone, or handheld device that has an e-mail system. With our efficient system of monitoring, we will be able to answer all shipments in your own language with accurate status within minutes.

DHL ExpressSMS: DHL ExpresSMS allows users of cellular telephones to track single shipments development. Just give us the number of the flag and in seconds we are going to respond with the status. To preserve the information, you can forward the language to colleagues and customers.

DHL ExpressWAP: DHL ExpressWAP facilitates the world-wide access, anytime, anywhere from any WAP-enabled device, to the service details or track the shipment from DHL.

eCommerce Platforms and DHL tracking

E-commerce companies who use DHL services to ship goods will gain a lot by providing DHL tracking to their clients. As written earlier in the introductory part of this article, allowing customers to track their shipments reduces their anxiousness. It eliminates the air of uncertainty that your clients would have felt if they were completely left in the dark.

Customers who know exactly where their products are, will less likely cancel an order or claim a refund. The most cost-effective way of supplying orders to consumers is also through DHL shipping and services. Therefore, if you are an online shop that ships products to domestic and international clients, you can not forget to include DHL in your shipping methods.


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