EagleHost234 Web Affiliate Developer Agent (Earn As You Work)

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EagleHost234 is a standard web hosting company with a broad spectrum of affordable, capacious and flexible hosting plans. In fact, it is one of the most inexpensive web hosting companies in Africa.

The company offers six different hosting plans targeted at varying specific customer needs. There are three small plans, and so also the bigger plans which adds to a total of six.

Surprisingly, the first plan with 1 gb of disk space is free. All you have to do is; purchase a domain name and select the free plan and you are good.

Another good thing about EagleHost234 is that you can migrate to it without losing any of your data even when your website is currently hosted by another company. Plus, it’s so cost effective that all you have to do is decide if you want to move your website

Moreover, migrating to EagleHost234 is so cheap that you only have to pay just 60% of the amount charged for your selected plan. For instance, if you are to pay N3,000 for a hosting package, you end up paying only N1,800 instead (that is 40% off).

However, only those migrating their sites are eligible for this. EagleHost 234 will also support you during the backup process so you don’t lose any of your data.

Now back to the subject, how to make money with EagleHost234.com even if you don’t know how to build a website.

Working on EagleHost234

Recently, EagleHost234 added another interesting feature to further galvanize its existing packages. Do you have web development skills? Are you a skilled web developer but with little time because of your current dedication? A tech enthusiast or social influencer? You can now work online with EagleHost234 and make some good money.

This opportunity is not limited to skilled web developers alone. All you have to do is leverage on your social marketing skills and sell yourself as an expert web developer.

Working with EagleHost234.com is easy as pie and absolutely hassle-free. Their needs can be afforded by everyone – skilled or unskilled.

What’s the job?

As EagleHost234 Web Affiliate Agent, you earn as you bring more clients.

You can begin by building an online and offline awareness of you being a web developer, or that you work for a professional web development firm. (NOTE: EagleHost234 will give you the supposed price list so you will have an idea on how to bill your clients)

If a client agrees to create a website, you will send the job to EagleHost234. The company will do the development and design and you will deliver the product to the client. You get paid 40% of the amount billed for the job.

For example, if a client pays the sum of N20,000 for a job, EagleHost234 will only take 60 percent of it. It means that you can make good money from web design without even understanding how to do it on your own.


Identification means: A person must have either a national identity card, a driving license, a voters’ card or an international passport.

Passport Photo: You will also be required to scan and send a clear copy of your recent passport photo to EagleHost234.

How to become an EagleHost234 Web Affiliate developer agent

Send an e-mail to affiliatedept@eaglehost234.com, stating that you want to work with EagleHost234 as an affiliate web developer, and one of their agents will respond apprpriately or give you a call.

You will be asked some basic questions and if satisfied with your answers, a reservation will be made for you to attend a mini-training class. You will also be given more elaborate details about the business.

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