5 Reasons Why I Believe Freelancing Is The Future Of Work

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Thousands of articles have already been written about freelancing as it pertains to the future of work. So, I’d be shooting right from the hip. No ink for verbose.

There are increasing numbers of freelancers in the US. More than 57 million Americans are now self-employed, representing more than one-third of the US’ total workforce. That’s nearly the same with most nations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. And trends have shown that more and more people will be joining the gig in the next few years.

So if you are thinking of starting work as a freelancer, now is the time. Pull your socks up, there is no time to wait.

And here are some good reasons why you should.

Freelancing Is The Future Job

In the years to come, a good number of people will leave periodic, stable employment and choose independence. And they would have good grounds as to why they opt for freelancing as opposed to the regular convenient office jobs.

Freelancing Saves Time

Oh yes, it very much does, and I will explain how. On average, an American employee spends 4.35 hours a week commuting from home to the workplace. This cumulates to more than 200 hours annually. Commutes are a common cause of stress among office employees. In large cities with less advanced infrastructure, the stress of getting to and from work daily can lead to a significant drop in productivity.

The figure is alarming when we calculate the number of hours that the entire American workforce spends solely on commutes. In reality, the time spent commuting to and from work is a total waste of productive hours. Freelancing allows employees to deal with this huge productivity loss.

Flexible Working Hours

Since freelancers work independently, they are not bound by any work hours. Therefore you can work whenever and for how long you want to. As a freelancer, you can offer your services to more than one employer or organization at a time.

You also have plenty of time for rest and recreation. This leads to a better stress-free, apparently healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that self-employed individuals also enjoy better families and that they are generally happier individuals, directly compared to office individuals.

Flexible Workspaces

As a freelancer, you can work from home, a bar, a park or even in the comfort of your car. Freelancers, especially those whose jobs are computer and internet-dependent can work from just anywhere. A freelancer is not restricted to work only at an employer’s place. And this saves a great deal of time that would have been spent commuting too. Even while on vacation, or a visit to a foreign nation, you can still work as a freelancer.

Understandably, freelancers whose nature of work requires a physical presence at a place do not enjoy this luxury. However, such people can also offer their services anywhere they decide to move to. They are not bound to rely solely on a single employer or revenue source.

New Innovations In Technology

Freelancing and technology are like twin-flames. One can hardly do so well without the other. Advancement in technology has made freelancing a lot easier. Whether you join Uber or Lyft as a freelance cabbie or go for a high-caliber job, freelancing relies immensely on technology.

For instance, an Amazon Flex program freelance shipping officer can pick operating hours through an app. Some websites allow freelancers to bid for particular projects that suit their abilities, including Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com. Furthermore, freelancers can also take famous projects from different crowd-sourcing websites.

If you are attracted to start working as a freelancer by the above features, then you should proceed to learning how to earn top dollars by freelancing.

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